FERZ SA is proud to provide its clients with a broad range of fiduciary services, our highest level of legal duty and trust are distinguished by many testimonials. Our fiduciary services include managing your assets in a wide range of fields. We will help protect and transfer your assets in a variety of fiduciary domains including bookkeeping, tax consultation, VAT consultation, payroll management, and auditing.

Experience is our key value, along with the ability to listen carefully to your queries while keeping your concerns confidential. We also analyse your needs, which helps us tailor a unique and distinct approach of service to each client.

Bookkeeping Services

Our fiduciary bookkeeping service has a special tailor made approach to specifically fit the needs of your company. We can help you in setting up charts of accounts; provide timely assistance with closing entries, drawing up balance sheets and interim statements and calculate budget and cost analysis.

Tax Consultation

Our team will offer useful tips on dealing with your taxes by drawing up tax returns for private or corporate requests. We also have an extensive experience on taxation control, complaints and appeals. We provide valuable advice on flat rate taxation rates along with international and double taxation rate advice for corporate companies.

VAT Consultation

We provide an all-encompassing VAT consultation on a variety of issues whether it is setting VAT accounting procedures or drawing up VAT declarations. In addition, we help you audit books to determine compliance with VAT requirements, while offering fiscal representation in the context of VAT refunds.

Payroll Management

Our payroll team is on hand to provide you with a variety of services, such as outlining tax declarations for companies and individual. Our team will also aid in drawing up Swiss social insurance declarations, annual pay sheets, monthly pay slips tax statements, certificates and receipts, and offer valuable advice on social insurance and occupational benefit schemes.


Our auditing approach takes a systematic and independent examination of book accounts and statutory records to ensure that they are up to the required standard. We can also help organize your financial statements to ensure that they reflect an accurate and fair view of your company.

FERZ SA strives to assist you in the best possible way providing the highest level of representation and service, to learn more about our fiduciary services contact us now.